We believe that diversification alone is not enough to protect and grow clients' wealth over the long term. This white paper's goal is to show how hedged equity can be superior to traditional asset allocation or help enhance it. 

This study highlights 13 popular, well-known asset allocation strategies and illustrates how an allocation to a hedged equity strategy, like the Defined Risk Strategy, could offer favorable absolute and risk adjusted returns. 


Micah Wakefield, CAIA®

Micah Wakefield, CAIA®

Portfolio Manager, Director of Research & Product Development

Micah is the portfolio manager of the Swan Defined Risk Diversified Fund, LP, directs Swan Overlay programs, helps oversee underlying investments for DRS, daily risk assessment and position review. He also leads research and development of strategies and products at Swan leveraging an extensive track record in portfolio management, trading, analysis, and business management. Micah frequently contributes to the authorship of our thought leadership material.

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